Sunday, January 6, 2008

The morning after

Well, I gave a bike safety presentation at a local bike group meeting last night. Argh... started out with not being able to access the meeting room until well after the whole group was there waiting for the door to be unlocked and we were already a half hour late, then moved on to not being well prepared. Ah, live and learn! If I ever have the chance to do that again it WILL be better!

As promised .....since I failed to have handouts available :-( here's a list of weblinks that I referenced during the presentation:

Safe Cycling Techniques
Two Wheel Life

How to Not Get Hit by Cars

How to properly adjust a bike helmet

Bike helmet fitting video

Bike brake care and adjustment:

Sheldon Brown's bike reflector information (and a whole lot more):

Adult Bike Safety video: (this time the voice matches the pictures!)

The red blinkie I heartily recommend is the "Planet Bike Super Flash", $20-$25 worth every penny. Available at REI, Joe's Outdoor, Bike Gallery, and others.

We have a bit of snow on the ground in my part of the country this morning. I think I'll go to the gym and ride the artificial bike........while watching TV. :-)


I did in fact ride at the gym today. When there I ride a LifeCycle 9500HR. I ride a level 9, about as close to riding my road bike as I can estimate, and I hold between 90-100 cadence. Today I held a 100 cadence minimum for an hour giving me 22 miles. The last 5 minutes I played a bit, I set the level to 1 and while holding the 100+ cadence bumped the resistance up a level every twenty seconds. I made it to level 15 today before I decided that was enough.(gasp, wheez, lactic acid buildup!) According the the machine I was putting out 263 watts and burning calories at something like 1038/hr. Oh, and my heart rate was at 170! I finished with a couple of minutes of level 1 "cool down" bringing my total today to 23 miles. My resting heart rate right now is around 55. By mid summer my resting rate will be in the mid 40's. I've also decided that my total bike mile tally needs to reflect real bike vs artificial bike, so I'll make that change as well.

Have a good day all!


...............Road Bike.....LifeCycle.....Total Miles YTD


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