Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some unknowns now known

Just like the evening news I'll give you a teaser......"citations issued, stay tuned"

Today Dave and I re-road the 54 mile route a bunch of us rode for my birthday about a month ago. We did take a short detour to go scope out a bridge near Newberg to see if we could eliminate the dicey crossing of the Hwy 219 bridge that we often make. We found that it appeared to have been a highway bridge at one time, there was even a road alignment that seemed set to serve the bridge at one time. Today it carries a big pipe of some sort. No auto or pedestrian access.

We had a nice day to ride. There is rain predicted for this evening on into tomorrow but we didn't have a drop of rain during our entire ride. There was a brisk wind out of the NE (usually a sign of dry weather) the helped us along as we headed mostly south. We cut to the east on Waconda Rd and proceeded to Duck Inn Rd where we turned into the wind. It seemed to have shifted slightly, or weakened. Either way it wasn't hampering us too much as we pedaled into Gervais with a 17 mph average for the approximately 35 miles we had covered to that point.

We really began to feel that wind again with about 15-20 miles to go. We had hoped to hold that rather flashy for us 17 mph but the wind continued to push against us. We ended up the ride with a 16.7 mph average and 57 miles. It was a good ride. Tomorrow's 42 mile group ride out to Hagg Lake promises to be wet!

Okay, now the update on the situation. Today as I was loading my bike at the end of our ride I got a call from the responding officer, Officer Chris Helbling of the Marion County Sheriff's Office. He had me drive to Kaizer and meet with him. He was polite, shook my hand, and handed me a citation for violation of ORS 164.354, Criminal Mischief 2, base fine of $5000. He tells me that he's not at liberty to tell me what the guy who said he'd run me over, and then did, and then drove away was cited for.
I've got a court date about a month out in Salem.

I called the attorney I've been talking with and left a message giving him an update. I presume I'll have an appointment with him in the early part of next week.

Of course, updates as the occur.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wheels of Justice

I just received a call from Lt Stai with the Marion County Sheriff's Office. He's the officer who contacted me wanting to be sure that his department was handling this ordeal properly.

I appreciate his call and the efforts he went to to look into this. He tells me that he has been in contact with the responding officer and was told that while the case details have not yet been filed with the DA that conversations have been held between the DA and the officer on how to proceed. The Lieutenant tells me that I should expect a call from the responding officer sometime by tomorrow afternoon.

I again questioned why when a driver has been located who admits to running into a person with his vehicle then driving away that he isn't cited immediately for what we call hit and run. I suppose that won't be answered to my satisfaction until later in this process.

Not that I condone this, but it was noted on a different forum that many of us have seen dash cam video taken from a police car that shows officers emptying the clips of their service weapons at the driver when a car accelerates towards them.

Perhaps if the officer where to think of this situation in those terms the wheels of justice would be moving a bit faster. It's been almost a week.

I was doing a bit of web surfing tonight and ran across this YouTube clip. While Oregon does not have a 3 foot law, ORS does say that a driver must pass at a distance that would keep them from hitting a cyclist if they should fall. (seems a bit hard to quantify to me)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The last gasp of winter?

I have a meeting scheduled today in Salem beginning at 11AM. I had figured with that time it would be a good chance to ride the bike to Salem. There was a chance of snow predicted, but it's Oregon, a few flakes in the air was all I expected...if that. To my surprise this morning there were several inches of snow on the ground. I opted to drive to Salem.

During the last week it's been sunny with highs in the mid to upper 50's.... Spring will come eventually.

Saw an interesting tidbit on the news this morning. A bus driver being billed as a good Samaritan is cited by the police for jay walking.

One can certainly make the argument that he deserved the ticket.
One can also say that mitigating circumstances would indicate he shouldn't be cited.

Without getting into that argument what got my interest is this:

The police where called after the vehicle hit the pedestrains. The officers cited who they perceived as the offender.
When the SUV hit me and drove off (assault, hit and run) the police were called after the incident. Multiple witnesses back my claim that this guy did this intentionally. No one was ticketed. Even after the driver admits he was the one who hit me with his SUV there are no tickets issued. There may still be a citation issued but at this time it's unknown. Different states, different circumstances, but it just baffles me. LIke I said previously, the officer said he has chosen to handle this differently, I just hope differently works.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mid week

I went for my 27 mile "hill ride" in the Logie Trail area......twice.
It was dry but windy. Nothing like a good workout in late February!
After the last few days of rain and sometimes torrential downpour, it was nice to not have to climb those hills in raingear. I finished up just before noon.

After grabbing a bite to eat I called the Marion County District Attorney's Office to see if paperwork has been filed yet. It hasn't been.
I then checked email and blog comments and found that a Lieutenant affiliated with the Marion County Sheriff's Office had asked me to contact him. I did so. He wants to be sure that their office is doing everything properly. Not that my personal satisfaction is a priority, but he does want to be sure that the public's safety is being properly addressed.

He was very professional, answered my questions, and tolerated my rants! ;-)
He asked me to restate what happened for him. I did so, and he said he'd talk to the responding officer and do some other inquiries and get back to me by 5PM Saturday with the status. I am willing to give him that time. Proper outcome, not speed, is the priority.

I am happy that this situation is being looked at. It's too easy to sit here and think nothing is being done.

I owe it to fellow cyclists (as well as the casual family on bikes) to see that people like this SUV driver are not threatening their lives.

I hope that guy isn't on the same road this weekend. The plan is for a bunch of us to be re-riding my 54 mile birthday ride route Saturday morning........ a route that takes us right over the same spot. I will certainly be hearing that guy's voice in my head..."If I ever see your a$$ on this road again I will run you over".

I'll be sure to have my helmet cam along this time!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

twiddling my thumbs

waiting for the wheels of justice to move.

(wonder if the owner of this shop has a story to tell?)

In the meantime I've been trying to plan my ride calendar. I usually ride many organized rides. I just find the company and different scenery to make these rides something to look forward to. If the ride is reasonably priced and/or raises money for a good cause....I'm there!

This year it seems that many of the rides that I've ridden in the past have been scheduled on competing days.

(Links to all these rides are listed down the right side of this blog under "organized rides")

It started off with February;
The Wet and Windy 50 and Chilly Hilly were both on Feb 22nd.

In April it goes crazy;
The Monster Cookie Metric Century, The Port Townsend Rhody Tour, and The Cherry of a Ride are all on April 26th.

In May The 7 Hills of Kirkland, The Century Ride of the Centuries, and Lewis and Clark Ultra all happen at the same time.

I haven't checked the dates for mid to late summer rides yet, but I do know that STP and Race Across Oregon are on the same weekend.

How's a guy who wants to ride his bike supposed to decide?

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....maybe just pick the ones that don't have any blue SUV's registered in the area. ;-)

Raining and a bit blustery today. I'm scheduled to ride tomorrow so hopefully it improves a bit.

I'm told that people like this often have a pattern of acting in this manner. If any of you have cycled in the Canby/Champoeg/St Paul area and been hassled in any way by a driver in a dark blue SUV (Dodge Durango, OR SDY 956) please let me know so that I may pass the information along to the attorney. I want this guy off the road and showing this is not a random fluke event will help to do that.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The first business day post incident

A quest for justice.

As you might imagine this morning has been very busy so far. The Marion County Sheriff's Office (while not writing any citations) will be forwarding witness statements to the District Attorney's Office this afternoon unless I accept the driver's offer or come up with a counter offer.

I did call the Marion County Sheriff and left a message for them to call me. I will ask that they delay any submission to the DA until late in the day or preferably tomorrow to allow me time to look at options with legal counsel.

My priorities are to have this driver learn that cyclists do have a right to use the roads and that he does not have the right to run them over with his vehicle. I want others of his same mindset to learn the same lesson.

How best to achieve those goals is the subject being discussed.

UPDATE: 11:25 AM

I dropped the damaged wheel off at my LBS. Mike thinks it's repairable. A few scratches on the aerobar and brake levers but I think they are cosmetic in nature.

Marion County Sheriff has not yet returned my call (4hrs and counting)

After discussing with an attorney the course of action will be to encourage Marion County Sheriff and the Marion County DA to take the appropriate action.
If they don't then other options can be looked at.


Marion County DA does not have the case filed yet. They tell me they can do nothing until the case is filed. I have continued to try to reach the responding officer to no avail. He may be in training they say. I've tried to leave a voice mail on the system but it keeps bumping me off.
I do have the number for Marion County's Victim Assistance program. They are open until 5PM today. If I haven't made any progress by then I'll be making a call to them.

Called Marion County Dispatch again trying to reach the responding officer. I was told he got the page and will be returning my call shortly.

The responding officer returned my call. I had two questions for him;
1) What is the timeline on this incident?
Officer responded that it would be to the DA in a few days.
2) Why was the driver who admitted being the one who hit me not cited for what we non-law people call hit and run?
Officer responded that he is choosing to not handle it this way.

Just the facts boys and girls. I can't offer an explanation.

That's probably the last update for today as the offices are all closing for the day.
Further updates will appear on the days they occur. This will undoubtedly go on for awhile. Rest assured cycling friends, I intend to stay the course. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support via this blog, direct email, and posting to other listservs.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The day after......

The ankle is a bit swollen and sore, but the predicted rain was at bay, I swapped in my spare wheel and went for a ride. About 15 of us rode from Lakeside Bicycles in Lake Oswego today. The plan was for about 25 miles. We rode up the Clackamas River to Carver and on to Redland. Here's 3 of our group descending Redland Rd.

We ended up with 30 miles and a completely dry ride. :-) I went for a little post ride to log a few more miles while the weather was cooperating. I got another 8 in before the sky darkened and a few drops started falling. It wasn't too bad as the road never got wet. I stopped for a little lunch then finished up with 10 miles to add to the 30 with the group.

I visited with the staff at the bike shop. We talked about yesterday's incident. Reactions throughout the cycling community are predictable....and as far as I'm concerned, spot on.

As I am typing this I received a call from the Marion County Sheriff's Office. They have contacted the "gentleman" in the Blue Durango who intentionally ran over me. He's interested in just dropping the whole thing with each of us just moving on. Let bygones be bygones.

I'll bet he is.

Needless to say, I declined that offer.

Sheriff will forward witness statements to DA's office to determine if any charges will be filed. They say to expect nothing for about 2 weeks.

Citizen initiated citation anyone? :-O
1) Violation of ORS 811.705 (hit and run-Class C felony)

2) Violation of ORS 163.175(c) (second degree assault-Class B felony)

3) Violation of ORS 163.490 (menacing-Class A misdemeanor)

4) Violation of ORS 163.195 (reckless endangerment- Class A misdemeanor)

5) Violation of ORS 811.140 (reckless driving-Class A misdemeanor)

Oh, and the whole issue of me being defined as a "vulnerable highway user" may or may not apply.

I'm absolutely sure there are many more violations to be found given a little time.

Maybe I should offer this:
Surrender Oregon Driver's License for 1 year, not to be reinstated without retesting.
Donate $10,000 to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Attend a bicycling rights class sponsored by the BTA
Write a letter to the editor to be published in the Oregonian outlining what bicyclists rights are, and how he violated them.

Updates as they happen.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How did your ride go?

Mine ended up like this:

ahem..... calm down......... okay, it went like this.
I joined Dave, Elise, Art, and Luis for what should have been a very nice day to ride a bike.
We were riding right on the fogline (near Champoeg State Park, no paved shoulder beyond this at that point) about 2.5 miles into our planned 35 mile ride. Along comes this neanderthal in a dark blue Dodge Durango, Oregon License plate # YDS 956 who thinks he owns (in his words) the whole F&$%&ing road. He lays on the horn continuously as he passes within 2 feet of us in an attempt to brush us off the road. I was the lead rider and I motioned him back (with ALL my fingers) in an attempt to discuss his behavior and why he felt the need to do that. To my surprise he was in such a hurry to have that discussion that he made voluminous smoke from his tires as he backed up the 70 yds to talk.

The idiot said we had no right to be on HIS f#$%$ing road. I informed him that indeed we did, and that in fact we were tight against the right side, where we certainly had the right to be. He said if he ever saw me there again, he'd run me over.

I took exception to his threat,(okay, full disclosure, I did so by whacking his passenger mirror with my hand while saying to the effect of "well then he'd need to talk to the police". I was thinking it was a good way to insure they'd be involved. No broken glass or other obvious damage, but I did not inspect it closely.) He showed me that his threat was serious. As I was walking away he put the vehicle in reverse, turned the wheels towards me, put it in forward, and gunned it. Yup, this moron hit me, knocked me and my bike to the ground, damaged my front wheel in the process, a few scratches on aerobar, brake lever, and handlebar tape, and an injured ankle. I'm beginning to lose my faith in drivers.

We noted the license number and immediately called 911. The very polite, though possbily bicycle law ignorant, Marion County Sheriff came out and interviewed us.
The officer said there are always two sides to a story. I agreed but pointed out that I had 4 cycling witnesses as well as the owner of the home the incident happened in front of.

No matter what may or may not have been said (always two sides to a story) he USED HIS VEHICLE AS A WEAPON AGAINST ME.

Yup, an update will follow as this plays out.

Other than that it was a good ride. This was one of the "training series" rides I lead for a social bike group I belong to. The participants are showing great progress and I am very proud of them. The group averaged over 16 mph for today's ride, and by most accounts it wasn't too hard for anyone.

I did a little pre-ride after fiddling with glove issues that cost me the time required to "ride to the ride". I ended up with 9 miles pre-ride to add to the 35 group ride.

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Feb total.......463.....+.........0........=.......463
Year to date....964.....+.........30.......=.......964

Friday, February 20, 2009

I guess that's why this is called............

"Bike Dreams"

The days have been just glorious for riding. I haven't been out much because of those darn "life issues" getting in the way. I've been day dreaming bikes though. There is that whole issue of planning for the upcoming Furnace Creek 508 adventure. There is also the reminiscing over last summer's Race Across Oregon where my teammates and I set a divisional course record riding as the "Old Goats 4 CycleOne" 4 man over 50 team. The team won't be reforming for a run at defending our title. I've moved on to a solo entry in the Furnace Creek 508 (as was my plan all along). J Murray has retired from racing Ultra Cycling events. (as was his plan all along) Cary hasn't announced that he'll be riding RAO. J Michael will be riding the `09 RAO as part of the Three Rivers Racing team. It might have been fun to go back as the defending champs and see what these old goats could do, but it's not to be.

I will remedying my non riding ways over the weekend as I have rides planned both days. Tonight I've got my "Bike Dreams" in full throttle. I lead a 35 mile ride for my social bike group tomorrow. 35 miles is not many miles for me so I'm going to ride to the ride (earning points from my Rando buddies in the process) The only thing left to be decided is whether to ride from home, a 35 mile ride, which would give me about 105 for the day, or whether to start from Newberg, giving me 55 for the day. I wouldn't mind the 105 miles, but there will likely be a "post social ride social" that may get me too late for comfort, as well as add 11-12 miles onto the 105. I'm not all that enthused about riding at night if I don't need to, and the trip across the Hwy 219 bridge south of Newberg is dicey even in daylight, let alone in darkness. I may just go from Newberg then do a bit of post social ride riding to bring my distance up a bit.

Sunday I am riding with a group of folks from Lake Oswego so for the weekend I should have some decent miles by the time it's all over.

Okay, time to get the bike ready to ride.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

short ride

I had business to attend to this morning but did get time for a short ride before settling in to watch another day of the Tour of California. Those boys can sure ride FAST! ;-)

My ride wasn't near as fast as those racers, but it was a nice day to be out on the bike.

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Feb total.......419.....+.........0........=.......419
Year to date....920.....+.........30.......=.......950

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

biking as therapy

The rest of life may be in a turmoil but you can always just hop on your bike and pedal it all away.

I had scheduled a mid week morning ride and invited members of one of my social bike groups that I belong to. This time of year you take your chances with the weather but we really lucked out today. I posted this ride with very short notice so was not terribly surprised that I didn't see anyone at the designated start time. I lollygagged around (hmmm...spell check doesn't like "lollygagged"!) for a bit then finally took off for a 43 mile ride out to Hagg Lake the long way, around once, and back via the express route. Beautiful blue sky, very light wind. In the low 50's when I returned at noon.

Now watching the Tour of California coverage on the web........ there was just a bad crash in the peloton! Ouch!!

You can watch too.

UPDATE: Mark Cavendish (Team Columbia-Highroad)wins by the width of his rim after over 100 miles of racing.
4 hrs, 42 mins and some odd seconds/116 miles of racing. Amazing.

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Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total.......396.....+.........0........=.......396
Year to date....897.....+.........30.......=.......928

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I rode the "Three Prairies Permanent" today with a half dozen Oregon Randonneurs. The last time I rode this route I had issues with multiple flats and had to cut my ride short, stopping with just over 100 miles. Today as I drove towards Newberg for our 7AM start the roads were dry and the temp 37. Not all that bad for an early morning in February. But as I drove the rain began falling. By the time I got to Newberg there was not doubt it would be a wet and cold ride.

We began by riding south on Hwy 99 and we looked like a string of Christmas lights, blinkies galore! The route is pretty much two out and backs with the first one taking us to Dallas. We had a trailing wind as we made our way south. A north wind in these parts means drying weather. Dry it did, by about 30 miles into the ride the clouds left us and we had a very nice, though windy, day for the remainder of our trip.

I really wanted to be finished up before dark. John Henry and Joanne, on a tandem shared my desire. With the trailing wind we rode a pretty quick pace and within 10 miles left the rest of our group behind. We continued on to Dallas where we stopped for a snack at Safeway. While there John Henry asked the clerk to initial his ride card (a Rando thing to prove you were there) The clerk said it was against company policy. Must be a leftover "national security thing" from the previous administration. ;-) The woman behind him in line had no qualms and did the duty.
While we were there Bill rode in. We left Dallas and headed back north with Bill in tow.

A bit north of Rickreal Bill's legs had enough and he dropped back. We crossed a railroad track and I gained a bit of distance on the tandem. They caught up in a few miles but just as they caught up we hit a hill. My single bike climbs a bit easier than the tandem and I left them behind. As I crested the hill I put my head down and pedaled hard expecting them to come barreling up on me at any moment. I never saw them again. It seems it was their turn for the flats today. They reported two flats for the trip. With all the wet grit and grime picked up in the first few hours when the wind came up and it stopped raining my freshly lubed chain was singing some pretty ugly songs to me. I stopped at a small market in hopes of finding some type of light weight oil. I would have settled for 3 in 1 oil, or even WD-40. What I got was power steering fluid. Note to self........ power steering fluid, while not proper chain lube, does quiet a noisy/grinding chain for the rest of the day!

The wind picked up during the day and it took noticably more effort riding north. Unfortunately both legs of our out and back ran more or less north and south.

Somehow I missed seeing the rest of the group at the Mt Angel turn around. Either they were in a different part of town when I was there or they were on the short section where the in and the out are on different routes. Either way I didn't see them until the end. I had a much easier time today than last month when I rode with them. I was more cognizant of keeping adequate calories coming in. No bonking for me today!

The one issue I had was when I got to the finish I noticed my cell phone had shaken out of my rear bag. I had used it with about 15 miles to go in today's ride so I drove back on the route hoping to find it. No luck finding it on the route, but by the time I got home it had been located. Note... putting the message "If found please call 503-xxx-xxxx" on the phone's wallpaper is a good idea! :-)

As it ends up, the folks who found it have a family member who works in my hometown. I should have it back by tomorrow morning!

So it was a pretty good day. I finished up before dark, so did John Henry and Joanne on the tandem. Bill would have been pretty close but I didn't see him as I was out looking for a cell phone. Cecil Anne and Lynne weren't far behind.

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Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total.......354.....+.........0........=.......354
Year to date....854.....+.........30.......=.......885

Saturday, February 14, 2009

4 of us rode the second "training series" ride today. We opted for the longer of the two options, giving us a nice climb up Logie Trail and then a great rolling descent down Mason Hill Rd.
We had a bit of snow around near the top, and just a few ice pellets falling as we descended Mason Hill Rd.

Here we are at the high point of our trip up Logie Trail.

There were a few opportunities to take in the view.

We finished up with our standard "post ride debriefing" at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

UPDATE: The weather was just too nice, and I was already in my bike clothes......and I had my bike with me! I went for a little 26 mile "post ride" around the edges of Hillsboro.

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Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total.......230.....+.........0........=.......230
Year to date....730.....+.........30.......=.......761

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, that's what I should be doing. Instead "life issues" have been in the forefront this week. :-( But I have been thinking about what bikes I should be setting up for the October's Furnace Creek 508! Also been thinking about this Saturday's "Training Ride" that I'm leading............the question is are there going to be any followers! Seems that Valentines Day is an issue for some. ;-)
On Sunday I will be riding 200k+ with the Oregon Randonneurs.

For now I'll just sit here on an extended lunch with my sister and a few Black Butte Porters! ;-)

Miles today?


Sunday, February 8, 2009

The official birthday ride

Today 6 of us rode my official 54 mile birthday ride. I had about a dozen people say they were coming but as we shoved off still no sign of them. I hope they had a good ride wherever they went. At 54 miles our planned route was probably a bit long for some, and only about half long enough for others. For us today it was just about right! ;-)

I had told folks that today was a "no drop" day, but at the same time, they should be able to hold a 15 mph average over the 54 mile mostly flat route. We did have just under 1600 ft of climbing,(see note below) but that pretty much counts as flat around these parts. Kris, who intends to be the best disciple of our social group's "training series" rides had really set her goal to be able to attain the magic 15 mph pace for the day.

As we were preparing to take off this morning Brian had a flat. He repaired it as my Race Across Oregon teammate Cary pulled in. Riding along with him was his brother (and my former college roommate) Terry. Filling out the party today was my brother-in-law Dave.

(L-R Cary, Terry, Brian, Dave, Kris)

Cary had commitments to attend to in the afternoon so he and Terry let it be known that they'd be hammering today's ride out, and they did. We lost sight of them around 7 miles in and never saw them again. We will undoubtedly ride in April for Terry's birthday so we'll make up for the lack of face time then.

Shortly after seeing Cary and Terry for the last time Brian pulled up with his second flat of the day. (note: a well worn tire is not the best way to start a long winter ride.)

He got the flat repaired and we continued on our way. The riding was nice, the light fog cleared aided by a light headwind that developed about 20 miles into our ride. Before long we turned east on Waconda road and put the wind mostly to our side.

Kris still had a smile on her face at the halfway point of today's ride.

After a few miles we turned north on Duck Inn road and enjoyed our first tailwind of the ride. We cruised along pretty quickly until arriving at Gervais where the market was open and we planned on stopping for a little resupply. Kris and I found Dave and Brian stopped there, tending to a broken spoke in Brian's wheel. The market was very accommodating allowing Brian to take his bike into the store to do the repairs where it was warmer.

While Brian did get the wheel back in good enough shape to ride on, it's going to take a bit of fine tuning when he gets home. It's a bit hard to see in the video clip, but if you watch closely you can see Brian's rear fender vibrating.... that's the effect of a wobbly wheel!

The forecast had said there might be rain (or snow!) late in the day, and about 3/4 of the way through our ride it looked like we might get a few drips, but that cleared up before it ever came to fruition.

Kris was very proud to have attained her goal of a minimum 15 mph for the 54 (closer to 55!) miles. The top speedometer shows the miles for today, the bottom is toggled to the average speed.

Cary and Terry rode a faster pace and didn't have any mechanical issues. They called as they finished the ride, the rest of us were still 12 miles out. That spoke repair really cost us some time! Here's the data from Cary's Garmin:

Distance: 54.18 mi
Calories: 3011
Average Speed: 18.4 mph
Pace: 0:03:15/mi
Duration: Total: 3:13:47
Active: 2:56:54
Resting: 0:16:53
Elevation: Total Gain: 1593 ft

*NOTE: Cary informs me that his Garmin 305 reported nearly 1000 ft of climbing but when the data was uploaded to TrimbleOutdoors it changed to ~1600. We both agree that 1000 ft seems more accurate.

We finished up by having our "post ride debriefing" at Wanker's Corner in Wilsonville. It was a good group to share the day with.

...............Road Bike.....LifeCycle.....Total Miles
Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total.......183.....+.........0........=.......183
Year to date....684.....+.........30.......=.......714

Saturday, February 7, 2009

nice weather!

and a full turnout! Today the plan was to lead a group of folks who've expressed interest in a 1 day STP, Reach the Beach, any of the club sponsored centuries, or just to improve their bike fitness on a training ride. The plan is to start out slowly and just keep making progress. Today's ride, being the first in our series was planned as a 15 mile ride to be completed in an hour. For some this would be easy, for some it would be very difficult. I had 12 RSVP's for today's ride, and had 13 show up! That's unheard of for most of the events associated with these social bike groups. I was expecting maybe 6 or 7 to show. We had great weather for February. No frost this morning, blue skies, just a very light breeze that for most of our ride was a cross "wind". One rider had a flat, followed by another flat before he ever turned a pedal. (patch let go). I held back with him making sure he got everything going. By the time he'd changed everything around TWICE we had lost 20 minutes. Losing 20 minutes on a 15 mi/1 hour ride is huge. We pedaled pretty hard (20mph+) trying to close the distance but just couldn't do it. We short cutted the last turn saving ourselves 2.4 miles and that was the only way we managed to pedal back into our ending location right at our 1 hour time limit. Everyone else was there, having preceded us by a few minutes, except for two riders who finished a few minutes after us. All in all, it was a good showing for everyone. We will continue to build on this base and as long as the folks stay on task they will be happy with the results by the time the big organized rides of summer get in full swing.

Since I'm now an official member of the Oregon Randonneurs I felt the pressure to "ride to the ride". On the way back home the weather was so nice I took a few extra turns to bring my mileage past the 50 mile mark. Come the end of the year it will be one more tally in the 50+ column!

Tomorrow about a dozen people are planning on joining me on a 54 mile ride in honor of my 54th birthday (which was a couple of days ago). Looks like the weather will continue to be stellar!

...............Road Bike.....LifeCycle.....Total Miles
Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total.......128.....+.........0........=.......128
Year to date....628.....+.........30.......=.......654

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

another sunny day!

How long can they last? Who knows, but when the sun is out it's time to ride! Today my Salem meeting was canceled so rather than a 100 mile commute I jumped on the opportunity to join my LBS owner, Mike Olson, and a few other folks for a short but fast paced early afternoon ride. 5 of us rode 21 miles, and averaged 21 mph for a little over the first half. I am NOT a fast rider (especially in early February!) so they slowed the pace down a bit when I dropped off the back. We still averaged nearly 18 for the ride, including the last mile or so when we idled back considerably for cool down. They usually ride Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll have to join them more often when my meeting schedule doesn't interfere.

...............Road Bike.....LifeCycle.....Total Miles
Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total........76.....+.........0........=........76
Year to date....577.....+.........30.......=.......602

Monday, February 2, 2009

This just in!

This just came to me moments ago:

Hello and congratulations!

You have been selected to compete in the 26th Anniversary Furnace Creek 508 on October 3-5, 2009, “The Toughest 48 hours in Sport.” You are part of a select group who will participate in this world-famous spiritual odyssey through Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!


What have I gotten myself into? Come October I'll let you know!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A new month

.......but a continuation of the nice riding weather. Today while it seems that almost everyone else was preparing to observe a professional sports extravaganza I decided it was better to participate in a solitary quest for cycling improvement.
I rode one of my favorite hilly short routes.......twice. Started at the historic Rock Creek Tavern and rode west to North Plains then made a few up and downs on the Tualatin Hills. The weather was brisk this morning, 28 at 8AM, but warmed above freezing as I rode. The roads were dry so ice wasn't a big concern. A nice day to ride.

...............Road Bike.....LifeCycle.....Total Miles
Jan total.......501.....+.........30.......=.......531
Feb total........55.....+.........0........=........55
Year to date....556.....+.........30.......=.......581