Friday, January 4, 2008

Blustery day in the neighborhood

It's kind of a blustery day today in NW Oregon and will be dark soon. I'm going to work on the Powerpoint presentation on bike safety that I have to give tomorrow. If the weather cooperates I hope to go for a ride on Sunday with my niece Laura. She just bought a new road bike and plans to ride STP this July with me. We are going to try to train together a bit this season. Typical Oregon Spring weather tells us that most of the early season rides will involve some form of precipitation. Rain, showers, mist, drizzle, it's all wet. It's a lot more fun to ride when it's dry, but if we don't start when it's a bit wet then when the weather finally turns we won't be ready........ and the 204 mile STP will come whether we are ready or not! ;-)

Miles Today: 0
YTD Miles: 23

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