Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making progress on the New Year's Resolution

As you can tell, I visit the gym regularly. Every year I note the increase in attendance at the new year. It lasts for a month to 6 weeks, then we are back to just the "regulars". Seems that most can only focus on the best of intentions for about 6 weeks then the trials and tribulations of life get in the way. If you read my first post here you know that this year I made my first new year's resolution. So far I'm still on track. I'm well into the planning stages for this year's Race Across Oregon. Still 5 1/2 months before it starts so I'll be ready. The week before I'm already signed up for the 204 mile STP. No concerns with finishing in one day, more concerned about damage to the old body a week before RAO. I haven't had sore muscles since the first year I rode, so that's not a concern, more concerned about getting a tender posterior from 14 hours in the saddle. Can't have that! Don't want to break anything on the bike. Never had that issue, but don't want to start that this year! Part of my new year's resolution was to crew for a Furnace Creek 508 entrant. As of today it looks like I may have the opportunity to do just that. I'll keep you informed as that firms up.
I've also resolved to ride more hills. I can make the first check off that list in two weeks when I ride Chilly Hilly. I'm already registered for Chilly Hilly. There are ongoing discussions with friends for other noted rides with vertical challenges from Mt St Helens to Mt Shasta. There are no dearth of volcanoes to ride up in the great northwest!

We had another 1/2 inch of snow on the ground this morning. It's pretty much gone now, still some slush around, and some really hard rain and or snow showers on and off. Once again this bike pansy has decided that the warmth and safety of the gym looks pretty darn good.

Gee, wonder what will happen next Sunday when I join a few folks to ride REAL bikes for 53 miles. Wonder if I will remember how to balance and shift at the same time? :-O


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