Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reliving the Furnace Creek 508

It was a rainy and blustery night.

A perfect time to be indoors!

I attended the Salem Bicycle Club's monthly meeting last night to listen to John Henry "Hoary Marmot" Maurice give a presentation on his successful 508 adventure last October. I was one of his crew members and took most of the photos he would be using. It was going to be fun to hear Hoary Marmot's account of the adventure!

It is easy for those of us who ride these ultra cycling races to forget how little our more normal cycling friends know about the endeavor. About 30 people were in attendance and John Henry had their attention as he went through his Powerpoint that included a lot of photos and video. The plethora of questions ranged from the answerable, "what do you eat?" to the unanswerable, "why do you do this?".

John Henry's presentation was followed by Lorie Bickford of JoyRide Cycling Studio. Lorie gave an update on JoyRide's upcoming events. She also told the folks in attendance of my crazy goal, and JoyRide's desire to be a sponsor of that effort.

It was a fun night

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