Thursday, January 1, 2009

Membership has it's privileges

Even though I live over 200 miles from Seattle, I am a member of Seattle based Cascade Bicycle Club. I am a member because I believe in and want to support their efforts. Improving the conditions for cyclists in an area improves the conditions for cyclists in the larger region so I don't feel my membership fee is "wasted" even though most of their efforts are understandably based in the Seattle area.

Beginning last year my membership has given me an additional benefit. Members get a jump on the general public for event ride registration. For popular rides like RSVP it will likely make the difference between being able to participate and having to watch from the sidelines.

STP registration will be cut off at 10,000 riders this year, not likely to sell out for many months. I do like to register early however. There is the whole issue of wind resistance on a 4 digit number vs the wind resistance against a 3 digit number. Oh, and the 25% savings in weight attributed to ink. ;-)

Actually, it's just a statement. I know on January 1 that I'm going to be riding my bike from Seattle to Portland in July. No wondering if I will be ready or if friends will be able to join me. I can do this!

So today I used my Cascade member status to register for STP!

I was planning to ride bike today with a group of folks to celebrate the new year. However the weather is just ugly today, storm warnings and the whole shebang. The ride organizer wisely decided that there would be safer days to ride.

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