Saturday, February 23, 2008

OK, hardly bikey, but I DO have my bike along! I am taking a break from the drive at Cabela's in Lacey

UPDATE: Arrived in Tukwila

I got checked in, then drove to the ferry terminal in Seattle to make sure I could find it in the AM. I am planning on riding the bike from here. It's not quite as clear cut as I had hoped, the preferred route doesn't allow bikes for about the last 2 miles. I'll improvise........ I hear that "foreign jails" aren't the best places to be! It's going to give me about a 13 mile warm up before arriving at the ferry terminal for the ride start.


  1. Laura and Dave rode 50 miles today while you were driving up there! Beautiful day here. They rode from Butteville to Keizer and back again. Average speed 14.4 miles per hour. Happy riding tomorrow!

  2. Good for them! 14.4 isn't bad at all! Before you know it the entire membership of team troll will be riding wheel to wheel in a one day STP paceline express!


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