Friday, December 30, 2011

SDCBR day 5, Hemet to Fallbrook

Today we started from Hemet and rode toward Fallbrook. Our defacto ride leader, Ralph, loves an "organized critical mass" group start, so we took off in a group.

After our short Starbucks stop we began climbing a hill. Before long we were looking down across Temecula as we continued to climb.

I've got a 30 minute video of the descent from this hill down through the De Luz canyon but at nearly 5 GB it is way too large for YouTube so will have to look at other options. In the meantime here's a still photo of this scenic canyon.

After dinner in Fallbrook we had the "Reverse Hotseat", where ride participants got in front of the crowd and were praised/roasted/and teased, then got to pick out a t-shirt from the t-shirt exchange. Before that all started though we had a little entertainment supplied by "The Magic Mushrooms"! :-)

I've got a lot more numbers, photos, and videos of today and the rest of this trip to post. It will make it up here as time allows.

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