Thursday, June 5, 2008


I had an early afternoon meeting in Salem and thought the timing would be a perfect opportunity to commute the slightly more than 50 miles to the meeting via bike. After a nice day yesterday today dawned drippy. I still prepared to ride, packaging my meeting materials in waterproof material and putting "meeting clothes" in a small backpack.

Then the little bike pansy started in, "you'll be soaked by the time you get there", "what little hair you have left will (as my dad used to say) --look like a calf's been sucking on it--", "your meeting materials will likely get wet".

I listened. I did bring the bike along, figuring that if along my way there the weather improved I'd unload and ride the rest of the way. It rained continuously until I reached the Salem city limits. Hardly worth the effort to unload the bike, change into riding attire and pedal the last two miles.

The worse thing about it was that with the brisk South wind and the drier weather by late afternoon it would have been a sweet ride back home!

I'm going to the beach for the next couple of days to join family and dig a few razor clams. I am bringing both my road bike and mtn bike along. I'm not telling the bike pansy that I'm leaving so I hope it misses the trip. I intend to ride "somewhere" in the afternoons after the clams are dug and cleaned.

I'll give short updates of any miles logged here via my cell phone. More details will follow when I get back to a computer.

Race Across Oregon is about 7 weeks away......... I need to be riding!

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