Saturday, May 7, 2016

RAAM Challenge

I was a late addition to the support team for Team Skipper, a 4 man 50-59 age group team entry in this weekend's SoCal RAAM Challenge. The race covers over 400 miles of Southern California beginning and finishing in Oceanside and travelling over Mt Palomar on it's way past the Salton Sea and turning around at the Imperial Dunes near Glamis, CA.

At the last minute the original crew chief was delayed and couldn't make the start.  I was asked to fill in for him.  Stepping in at the last minute is difficult, as I wasn't involved in the planning decisions. Despite some difficulties with lack of gear, we persevered and all went well. (or at least well enough!) The guys did great, in a race that saw a 66% DNF rate.  They finished in first place overall, covering the 401.7 mile course in 27 hrs and 7 minutes. (avg clock time speed of 14.82)

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