Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bikes are everywhere!

I'm about as far away from my bike as I can get, but there are still bikes around! I ran into these folks today. They had ridden from Eugene to Lakeview and were now on their way back to Eugene via McKenzie Pass. (you can click on the photos to see them full size)

They were running in very low gears so I was able to walk along and talk for a short time. He said he had something like a 24 on his triple crank and a 43 on his cog. He just pedaled his way up the hill! He said he weighed 160, and bike and gear weighed almost 250 lbs, giving him over 400 lbs of combined weight to haul up the hill!

He was 62 years old. You go folks!

After a short time talking RAMROD, RAO, Race Across America, etc. I went back to my duties........looking for bucks, but being sidetracked by the views!

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