Friday, July 11, 2008

STP travel day

The fun begins......on my way to Seattle for STP!

I loaded my bike on the Penske truck and loaded myself on the bus. (sorry mom, I meant "motorcoach"!) We were rolling towards the University of Washington by 8:45AM.

The Portland Wheelmen arrange the buses and trucks and send several of each up north. I loaded my bike as soon as they allowed me to do so, and jumped on the first bus so as to be there when the bikes were unloaded. Dave, Laura, and John arrived just a bit after me and boarded bus #2.

We arrived at U Dub without problem. We got our bikes, checked in to our rooms, had lunch, then took a walking tour of the campus and neighborhood.

(John, Laura, and Dave on UW Campus)

Here are (L-R) me, Dave, and John continuing to work on "getting fully hydrated"

We all had dinner at the UW cafeteria then off for an early bedtime, for tomorrow would come early!

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