Friday, July 14, 2017

A long dry spell

The weather in Oregon is just gorgeous.  We have had 24 consecutive days without rain, a big turn around from our WET Spring, but I'm not talking about our meteorological dry spell, I'm talking about bike racing!

After having 27 consecutive finishes for the racers I've helped, everything fell apart.  I had a racer DNF at last year's Hoodoo 500, and have not had a racer finish since then! Solo's, two person teams, no matter the configuration we just can't seem to get across that finish line.

Hopefully this all changes this weekend.  I'm crewing for Mick Walsh at Race Across Oregon. Mick is a strong rider and should do well.  Complications may come from the heat.  While the forecast has changed a bit, it will still be well over 90 degrees F.  That is pretty warm for climbing out of those big canyons!  If we can keep Mick hydrated, fed, and cool, he should finish at, or near the top of the field.

You can follow our progress beginning at 5 AM Saturday at

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