Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's a bike?

Wow, I haven't been on my bike in so long I almost forget what it looks like. :-( It's the longest stretch off my bike in years. I had a busy week at work and in the evening (and into the wee hours!) I was working on a presentation I was to give at JoyRide Cycling Studio.

The presentation went pretty well, especially if you take into account that I did not have time to view the powerpoint prior to presenting. JoyRide is one of my sponsors for a crazy endeavor on the horizon.

There is snow on the ground in the Portland area, and much of the Pacific Northwest this morning. I won't be riding the roads today but may just dig the rollers out and set up in the driveway and "ride". At least when I fall, doing so in the snow makes for a softer landing. ;-)

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