Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The times they are a changing

I haven't been biking much lately.  Crew chief duties have been taking much of my time, and playing catch up when I've been home taking up the rest of my time.  That is going to have to change.  The Old Goats 4, the 2008 Race Across Oregon 4x 50+ record setting team has decided to emerge from retirement and enter the 2017 Race Across Oregon as the "Older Goats", a 4x 60+ team.  The course is rumored to actually go across Oregon, but is not yet finalized, despite promises that it would be set months ago.  If it doesn't get set, there is an option to race in Utah instead on the Hoodoo 500.  Either way will be okay with me, though racing in Oregon is a lot less expensive.  Either way, expect to see some older goats traipsing across the landscape next summer.

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