Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Annnnnnnnnd they're off! (almost)

Tomorrow morning I will take my last bike ride for several weeks.  I'll ride my fixed gear bike to the Bolt Bus pick up point in Portland. My bike and I will take the trip to Seattle where I'll ride the last few miles to Julie's. All tolled, I'll get about 7 miles.

From there on it is a sprint for Mick and I to get a rental van outfitted for Race Across the West support duty and get on the road toward Oceanside.

I'll be crewing for Team Pactimo/FOURdot (R 203, Mick Walsh & George Thomas)
I'm expecting them to do very well.

When I finish crewing for Mick and George in Durango, I'll jump in with Racer 511,  PJ Lingley, and support his Race Across America effort.

Daily updates and video reports of the the race(s) will be posted at RideFarther

The RAW leaderboard  is HERE

The RAAM leaderboard  HERE

RAAM and RAW satellite tracking is available HERE  (RAW tracking is on the same map, but RAW racers are listed below the RAAM racers) You can zoom the map in to get better detail.

Cell service is far from universal along the route, but I'm going to do my best to post morning and evening audio updates to this blog (and to my Facebook page simultaneously).  I won't be able to format it on the road so each audio update will just show up here as a new post on top of the list. I'll spruce it up a bit when I get home. My reports will be centered on my team, as information we have on fellow competitors will be limited to what you already have available via the above links.

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