Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rainy Day

I just couldn't bring myself to take the road bike out in the rain and muck today. I rode the lifecycle at the gym this morning instead. When on the artificial bike I have found that a level 9 is about the same resistance as riding my road bike. I hold a minimum 90 cadence for 30-60 minutes depending on my schedule. At that pace it shows I'm averaging 21-22 mph. It's a good workout, but not the same as my real bike. First of all the riding position is more like a recumbent, and it's too consistent..... but like I said, it's a good workout and I can watch TV while riding! ;-)

The Race Across Oregon is the hot topic in the emails among my buddies. The big discussion currently is how long of pulls should we plan on. Some are promoting 2 hour stints, others want short pulls, perhaps as short as 20 minutes. I'm not built for sprinting 2 hours, heck, I'm not built for sprinting 20 minutes! I live by Eric Troili's mantra "Focus on finishing, nothing else matters". We'll get our priorities set and figure out what ride length best accomplishes our goals.

This team effort will be a new thing for me. I've ridden that vast majority of my miles solo. Mile after mile after mile of just me out there spinning pedals.


  1. Kevin, if you spin those "lifecycles" out above 250 rpm you can blow the electronices out of them. I would never suggest that if you got into a tiff with a private gym over fee's that this would be a option to take out your anger.
    and of course I've NEVER done this either.

    I bought a set of rollers just to avoid those tractor seated things.

    Much better.
    See you this summer....leo

  2. LOL! I'll have to remember that! The highest cadence I've ever got is 130. At about 110 I have to slide back a bit on the pedals and do a bit of "ankling" otherwise I get to bouncing.

    My gym has several spin classes a week and those bikes look more like my bike. I just never seem to be able to get there when those classes are in session and unlike the lifecycles when class isn't in session you can't use them.

    Happy New Year Leo!


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